The Diamond Mine of the Future

IN 1796, Chemist Smithson Tennant discovered that diamonds are made from pure carbon, the key ingredient for most life on earth. It took almost half a century to perfect a chamber that could create diamonds free from the ecological and human cost of diamonds mined from the earth. We have painstakingly recreated the precise environment that natures uses to create our consciously crafted diamonds, making them indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

Created without Questionable Practices

Each BareGrown Diamond starts with a tiny diamond seed as thin as a human hair that is then planted in a vacuum chamber and heated to more than 2000 degrees with pressure fifty times greater than the earth’s atmosphere imitating the force of a mountain.

Gasses are injected into the cocoon to form a plasma that rains down on the tiny seed causing it to grow up to ten times their original size. The diamonds are then polished with diamond grit, the only substance hard enough to polish a diamond. They are then hand cut by our Master Cutters to sparkling perfection and certified. Each BareGrown Diamond takes more than three hundred hours to handcraft to exacting specifications.

Stones with a Flawless Pedigree

More than one million pounds of the earth are displaced to create a single carat stone in the earth. The environmental and human devastation that comes with this antiquated practice is too high of a price to pay. BareGrown Diamonds are beautiful in every way with all of their integrity intact. Ethically sourced, indistinguishable from mined diamonds, ecologically progressive BareGrown Diamonds are the next generation of the diamond.


Don’t compromise. Your beliefs…or your wallet.

The word diamond comes from the Greek, Adamas, meaning invincible. With a transparent pedigree, BareGrown Diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds but cost 30-40% less, making you…virtually invincible.